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Routine consultations by appointment (emergencies prioritized)



Weekdays - During the day

In an emergency, please phone the usual surgery number and come directly to the surgery. We will always see you immediately whether you phone or not, however giving us warning allows us to prepare for your arrival as required. We can also give you urgent first aid advice where appropriate.

Let the receptionist know that you have an urgent case, if she hasn't already seen you. With prior notice, we will attempt to have a vet and nurse waiting for you. If the vet is operating or with another urgent case, our experienced, qualified nurse will assess your pet immediately and can then stabilize and start appropriate treatment under the vets direction, or call the vet to the priority case.

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Evenings and weekends/bank holidays

Phone the usual surgery number and you will be directed where to go for further treatment - this will either be at the surgery with Cara, or at the local Vets Now Emergency Service.

Before 11pm, or from 6-8am, this will usually be Cara at the Whiteley Clinic as normal, although will occasionally be with Vets Now - see below. Even Cara needs the occasional time off. Once we have additional vets, our vets will cover on a rota basis.

Between 11pm - 6am, you will be directed to your closest Vets Now branch in either North End, Portsmouth, or in Bitterne, Southampton (both about 10mins drive from Whiteley).

With the best will in the world, we can't work 24/7 and still provide the quality service which your pets deserve. We have therefore partnered with Vets Now for our middle of the night and some weekend emergency services. This allows your day staff to be at their best, while Vets Now have dedicated out of hours staff who only work the night shift, and so should be always available and fresh to provide optimum care. Unfortunately, this service comes with significantly increased charges. Vets Now are a totally separate company, although working in conjunction with ourselves, and their fees are payable directly to them. If your pet is insured, you will also have to supply them with a separate claim form to fill in. We will then take over the normal treatment on the following morning. If your pet is stable enough, you may be asked to transport him/her to us.

For more information


Find-an-emergency-vet in Southampton

Vets Now Emergency Ltd
64 West End Road, Bitterne
Southampton SO18 6TG

Tel: 023 8043 7999

Find-an-emergency-vet in Portsmouth

Vets Now Emergency Ltd
251 London Road, North End
Portsmouth PO2 9HA

Tel: 02392 178 098

Please always let us know if you have a problem or have had to call VN - they will supply us with a copy of any treatment given, however any issue at all should go onto your pet's record whether they needed to be seen or not. Please also let us know if you have any comments on the Vets Now service. Very much hoping that you never need to use the emergency service - but it's there if you do need it. rabbit