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Routine consultations by appointment (emergencies prioritized)



Routine services:

All routine treatments are carried out, including vaccination, passports, microchips (normal, thermal and US compatible), blood testing as required, dental treatments, radiography, standard surgeries.

Nurse services:

Puppy parties and advice, nail clips, weight clinics, dental checks, medication administration, blood pressure measurement, certain injection courses, minor dematts, post operative checks (certain procedures), flea/tick/worm advice, tick removal, ear cleaning - where appropriate. Pre vet checks. Etc etc Please be aware that if the nurse finds a problem which necessitates a full veterinary consultation, this may incur a further charge.

Advanced diagnostic equipment:

Blood Pressure monitoring using oscillometry, giving fast, accurate results with a minimal level of stress - and available throughout GA procedures

ECG - to monitor the electrical activity of the heart

Ultrasound - both a large detailed machine in the back, and a small 'FAST' scanner, with which we can quickly diagnose problems at the 'bedside' or in the consult room.

Digital radiography (CR) - detailed x-ray pictures going straight onto the computer with which we can diagnose and check many parameters. We have coupled this with a special table so we can take multiple views without moving or disturbing the patient.

Video endoscopy - flexible cameras which we can pass into the stomach/ lungs/bladder etc and diagnose and often treat problems with.

Tonometry - a sensitive instrument for measuring the pressure inside the eye to diagnose cases of glaucoma or uveitis - both painful, sight threatening conditions.

Capnography, pulse oximetry and ECG during GA procedures - allowing us detailed monitoring of anaesthetized patients, thereby minimizing the inherent risk associated with any GA procedure.

Advanced Surgeries:

We also offer advanced soft tissue, orthopaedic and many opthalmic procedures. Cara's initial years in referral practice have given her a very firm footing in advanced procedures, which she has kept up to date with both courses and practice and been developing for many years.

Chemotherapy :- where appropriate. Many tumours are not resectable, or are only partially resectable with surgery. We therefore offer adjunctive chemotherapy when there is an available regime with minimal sideeffects.

Physiotherapy :- we work closely with an in-house physiotherapist for post operative cases and those in need of muscular treatments.

Hospitalization facilities :- we have separate wards for dogs and cats/ rabbits. Our dog ward includes 2 large 'walk in' kennels, as well as normal kennelling, enabling us to care for any size dog, from the largest to the smallest. Our dedicated cat ward has large kennels with glass fronts, to keep our cats as relaxed and happy as possible.

We have accomplished this by building a purpose built premises including 2 dedicated operating theatres and a separate dental theatre, a diagnostic imaging room, a large prep room and a lab as well as the wards and 'public' areas.



Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the NHS for pets, and veterinary services and medications are also subject to VAT.

We do not aim to be 'cheap'. Quality service comes with costs associated, and we would prefer to offer you a high quality service than to try to scrimp and have to compromise on our equipment and staff.

We do, however, aim to offer you a 'value' service. We will not try to up-sell anything, nor to do an unnecessary procedure for the sake of charging more. We always aim to discuss any condition or procedure in detail prior to embarking on a treatment plan, including charges.Please be open with us and let us know if you are on a limited budget so that we can work together to ensure that your pet gets the best treatment available within your means.

We would love to be able to not charge for our services, however we would very soon be homeless and staffless and unable to care for anyone. Yes, we are in this job because we genuinely love and care for our patients, but the responsibility for their upkeep and expenses lies with you, their owner.We will do everything in our power to help them, but we cannot do this without being able to pay our bills.

We highly recommend pet insurance to cover those unexpected bills, and can offer payment options/plans for routine treatments. Please ask for more details.

Payment is due at time of treatment unless by prior arrangement with a director or the senior vet. We accept most credit cards, cheques, cash or online BACS payments.

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